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What material should i choose for my furniture - MDF or solid wood?

by Doris Treiblut 27 Oct 2023
What material should i choose for my furniture - MDF or solid wood?

Hey there, friends!

Choosing furniture for your home can feel like a mighty big decision, can't it? With so many options for colors, shapes, sizes, and materials, it's enough to make your head spin! Well, don't you worry - we're here to help make things a little easier for you. Let's chat about two of the most common furniture materials: MDF and solid wood. Both have their good points and their not-so-good. We'll walk through the pros and cons so you can see what might work best for your home and family.

So what exactly is MDF? It's short for medium-density fiberboard. It's made by pressing together wood fibers and resin to create smooth, sturdy panels. Since the fibers are all jumbled up, you don't see any natural wood grain. And because the panels are so dense, they resist swelling and shrinking when the weather changes - pretty handy! MDF takes paint like a dream, too, thanks to its smooth surface. 

Now, what is solid wood? - that comes right from the tree itself! It keeps all the beautiful natural grain, knots, and texture. No two solid wood boards are ever quite the same, and that's part of its rustic charm! It's an all-natural material without any glues or artificial bits added. There's just something special about solid wood that man-made materials can't quite match.

So what are the ups and downs of each? Let's take a peek:

MDF is mighty sturdy and stays flat even in wonky weather. But it just doesn't have the strength of solid wood over the long haul. It can sag or warp if it's not cared for proper.

Solid wood's grain patterns are gorgeous! And dense woods like oak and maple will stay strong for ages. On top of that it is easy to restore. After years of use you might notice some scratches or wear, but when it comes to solid wood all you need to fix is some sanding paper, oil and a little bit of time. But solid wood needs a little more fussing - it can warp or crack if the humidity changes. 

Price-wise, MDF is usually cheaper. It makes use of scrap wood and is quick to produce. Solid wood takes more time and care to mill and cut, so it comes with a higher price tag. But for some folks, the beauty and longevity of solid wood is worth the extra investment.

So in the end, which is best? Well, there's no one right answer! Here are a few tips:

- MDF is great for affordable cabinets and basic furniture, especially in humid rooms like kitchens and baths. 

- Solid wood makes one of a kind heirloom-quality furniture that stands out in your home for years. 

- For outdoor furniture, solid wood is best to stand up to the elements.

- Painted pieces show off MDF's smooth surface. Stains and natural grain look gorgeous on solid wood.

See, each material has its own uses! For us, it's about finding the right wood for the right pieces. We hope walking through all this helps you pick what's best for your space and budget. And if you have any other questions, you know where to find us! We're always here with a helping hand and a great big smile.

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