Care & Maintances

Caring for your wooden products is essential for their longevity. Fortunately, maintaining wood is not overly complex, and we're here to assist you. This page offers essential guidance on caring for solid wood.

To fully enjoy your solid wood furniture and ensure its durability, we recommend following some fundamental guidelines.

Solid wood is an authentic and natural material, with each product featuring a unique grain and pattern.

Wood is a living material and may experience dimensional variations. Excessively dry conditions, often caused by excessive heating, can lead to shrinkage or minor cracks in solid panels. Conversely, unusually humid conditions can cause wood to expand and result in connections breaking. We provide various maintenance kits for addressing cracks, and our specialists are available to assist if necessary.

Here are some key recommendations:

  • Keep the temperature between 14 and 26°C
  • Maintain indoor humidity levels at 40–60%
  • Use the products exclusively indoors (not outdoors, on balconies, or terraces)
  • Always test a detergent to ensure it is suitable for the product
  • When repositioning the product, lift it instead of dragging it on the floor or turning it upside down without proper lifting.
  • Avoid direct sunlight
  • Keep products away from radiators, air conditioners, and air inlet valves
  • Lubricate the products 1–2 times a year or more if needed
  • Avoid placing hot objects directly on wooden surfaces
  • Do not clean with chemical detergents

By following these guidelines, you can prolong the life and beauty of your solid wood furniture.


What to do if i damaged my product?

You damaged your wooden product or it simply doesn't look as good as it used to anymore? Don't worry! Most of our products are oiled. This makes refreshing them easy. Some of our products actually come with a little bottle of oil for this exact reason.